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Nov 17

After The Waves, Staten Island Homeowner Takes Sandy Buyout

Stephen Drimalas stands outside his former home in Staten Island’s Ocean Breeze neighborhood. He rebuilt his home after Superstorm Sandy but recently decided to sell it to the state of New York. Jennifer Hsu/WNYC Two years after Superstorm Sandy struck the Northeast, hundreds of Staten Islanders are deciding whether to sell their shorefront homes to …

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Feb 15

Should We Cease to Build in Harm’s Way with Warren Olney

Click here to listen to part 1 of the program Click here to listen to part 2 of the program Click here to listen to part 3 of the program New York’s Governor Cuomo says the lesson of Superstorm Sandy is the vulnerability of coastal development to climate change.  Instead of rebuilding damaged properties, he wants to …

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