White Flag Over Fox Beach BY DANA RUBINSTEIN

“People should not be living here,” said Joseph Monte.

He was standing on the little piece of Staten Island he’s called home for 22 years, and arguing that it would be better if no one lived there at all.

“Turn this into what it should have been and what it was a...Read More »

Sandy Spurs Call to Buy Up Homes By ANJALI ATHAVALEY


Many shorefront communities are determined to rebuild after superstorm Sandy. But residents of Staten Island’s Oakwood Beach want to pick up and leave instead.

Homeowners in a four-block portion there are pushing for a federal buyout of their homes. Out of 165 homes in the area, which dates to the 1920s,...Read More »

Should worst-flooded areas be left after Sandy? By WAYNE PARRY

SEA BRIGHT, N.J. (AP) — Superstorm Sandy, one of the nation’s costliest natural disasters, is giving new urgency to an age-old debate about whether areas repeatedly damaged by storms should be rebuilt, or whether it might be cheaper in the long run to buy out vulnerable properties and let...Read More »

Gov. Cuomo to Sandy victims on the coasts: Sell your house BY KENNETH LOVETT

New York governor-elect Andrew Cuomo celebrates his win over Tea Party firebrand Carl Paladino. 

See the other notable winners of the 2010 elections, as well as the infamous losers.

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The governor wants Sandy victims along the coasts to sell their homes, get a check and no longer live where ‘Mother Nature doesn’t want you.’ He expects many families to stay because the rebuilding has already begun in many areas.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo thinks his plan for Sandy victims is...Read More »

Sandy-Shaken Staten Island Applauds Cuomo's Proposal To Buy Out Destroyed Homes by Saki Knafo

Three weeks after Hurricane Sandy destroyed his home, Joe Monte stood up at a meeting of Staten Island storm survivors and implored them to give up on any hopes of rebuilding. “I personally don’t want no bleach, no sheetrock, that’s not what we’re here for,” he said. “That area was...Read More »

Cuomo Seeking Home Buyouts in Flood Zones By THOMAS KAPLAN

Karsten Moran for The New York Times

Joseph Tirone Jr., a homeowner, leads the Oakwood Beach Buyout Committee on Staten Island. “These people have been so beat up,” said Mr. Tirone. “It’s just gotten to be too much.”

Published: February 3, 2013 Read More »

For Some Struggling on Staten Island, Buy-Outs Welcome By Colby Hamilton

Some of the yellow demolition machines sit idle in now-vacant lots. Some are busy filling trucks with debris. The nearby homes that aren’t at some stage of being torn down in the Oakwood Beach section of Staten Island may soon meet the same fate. At least that’s what more than...Read More »

S.I. Residents Weigh Proposed State Buyouts Of Storm-Damaged Homes By: Aaron Dickens

NY1 VIDEO: While a committee of homeowners in the Foxwood Beach section of Staten Island are eagerly studying Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $400 million proposal to buy damaged hurricane-damaged homes in flood-prone areas, other residents in the borough are reluctant to leave their waterside homes.
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Staten Island lawmakers back Cuomo proposal to buy and demolish homes destroyed by Sandy By Tom Wrobleski

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Give the shoreline back to Mother Nature.

Staten Island lawmakers on Monday said they backed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s ambitious proposal to buy and demolish homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and permanently preserve the land as underveloped coastline.

“Some portions of Staten Island should be ceded back to Mother...Read More »

Mr. Cuomo’s Sandy Plan Editorial

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York wants to spend as much as $400 million to buy and raze damaged homes in the floodplains of New York State. These properties, victims of Hurricane Sandy, would then be turned into parks, bird sanctuaries, dunes or simply stretches of open beach,...Read More »

Oakwood Residents Concerned About Flooding From Storm By Aaron Dickens

NY1 VIDEO: Some Island residents were concerned Friday that the incoming snowstorm would overflow a nearby estuary, which spilled out into their homes during Hurricane Sandy.

To watch the video please click here

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Should We Cease to Build in Harm's Way with Warren Olney

Hurricane Sandy final blow: Staten Island neighborhood abandons all hope as residents seek buyout BY MATT LYSIAK AND GREG B. SMITH

Residents of Fox Beach react to news that the government will be buying them out of their houses at pre-storm rates and use the land as a barrier to protect the rest of Staten Island from future storm damage.Three residents lost their lives the night of Hurricane Sandy..Friday, February 15, 2013 (photo Debbie Egan-Chin/New York Daily News).

Eighty percent of the 183 homeowners in a six-block section of Oakwood Beach have banded together to ask Gov. Cuomo to buy them out — all of them at once.


Residents of Fox Beach ask the government to buy them out of...Read More »

Buyouts for Staten Island's Sandy victims inching toward reality By Kiawana Rich

STATEN ISLAND, NY — A plan for storm-weary Staten Islanders, whose homes have been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, to sell their residences to the government is definitely a go, according to local and community representatives.

“The buyout is happening,” said Michael Arvanites, deputy chief of staff for state Sen. Diane Savino...Read More »

Governor Cuomo Announces Staten Island Buyouts

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Staten Island area hit by Sandy chosen for buyouts BY ASSOCIATED PRESS

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said 141 homeowners in storm-ravaged Oakwood Beach will participate in a state program, in which the state will buy their homes at pre-storm values.

(AP) — A Staten Island neighborhood where three people died during Superstorm Sandy will be the first to get state-sponsored home buyouts.

Gov. Andrew...Read More »

Governor Cuomo Seeks Federal Approval of NY State Plans for Housing and Business Storm Recovery Programs

New York State Chief Information officer/Office for Technology
Andrew M. Cuomo – Governor

Governor Cuomo Seeks Federal Approval of NY State Plans for Housing and Business Storm Recovery Programs

Albany, NY (March 12, 2013)

NYS is First State or Local Government to Release Action Plan for Initial $1.7B in Federal CDBG Funding for Disaster Recovery

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today...Read More »

Rep. Grimm Applauds Approval of NYS Recovery Plan, Providing Funding for Staten Island Buyouts

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Rep. Michael G. Grimm (R,C-SI/Brooklyn) applauds today’s announcement of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s approval of the NYS Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Program, which clears the way for home buyout programs:

“I applaud Secretary Donovan and Governor Cuomo for expediting the...Read More »

Hurricane Sandy Buyouts Cause Storm Of Confusion, Worry From Politicians by David Howard King


ALBANY, N.Y. — The Fox Beach community of Staten island sits only a few blocks from the ocean on wetlands where tall reeds sprout across the landscape.

After the lives of three of its residents were lost during Hurricane Sandy and flooding destroyed a number of the small bungalows that make...Read More »

Staten Island homeowners in limbo

May 03, 2013 10:29 am

Staten Island resident Joseph Tirone brought the idea of a buyout group to his neighbors. Photo credit: Buck Ennis

A few weeks ago, in the Oakwood Beach section of Staten Island, it looked almost as though some sort of neighborhood reunion was taking place. Former residents milled...Read More »

Gov. Andrew Cuomo expands Staten Island Sandy buyout zone in Oakwood Beach

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The Cuomo administration has enhanced the home buyout zone in a portion of Oakwood Beach ravaged by superstorm Sandy.

About 120 homes on the periphery of Fox Beach were added by the state, bringing to 300 the number of homes eligible for a buyout, with a potential expansion...Read More »

Sandy buy-out offers in Staten Island's Oakwood Beach are 'on the money'

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — As the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches, battered homeowners in Oakwood Beach have begun receiving buyout letters from the state — and they say the offers are “right on the money.”

The Advance has learned the average buy-out offer is in the $400,000 range.

Despite assurances from...Read More »

One year later, Oakwood Beach is lost to Sandy

A year on from Sandy, many communities have at least started the process of repair.  Twenty-five thousand New Yorkers have applied for assistance, mostly to repair homes. But some communities are throwing in the towel entirely.

Patti Snyder’s home – a one story white bungalow type house – is picturesque. Cute...Read More »

Ocean Breeze Houses Devastated By Sandy To Be Bought By New York State

NEW YORK (AP) — Residents of a flood-prone area battered by Superstorm Sandy are getting a financial lifeline, with state officials announcing a plan to buy all 129 homes in a neighborhood sandwiched between a tidal marsh and the Atlantic Ocean.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday announced the state was...Read More »

State tears down second house in Staten Island's Oakwood Beach under buyout program (with photos/video)

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — “It’s coming down like it’s a little doll house,” said Joe Tirone Wednesday morning of the rental property he owned at 87 Fox Beach Ave. in Oakwood Beach.

The home, a one-bed beach bungalow built in 1940, was torn down by a backhoe that appeared bigger than...Read More »

Second House In Oakwood Beach Demolished After Sandy Buyout

By: Aaron Dickens
12/02/2013 01:28 PM

NY1 VIDEO:A second house in Oakwood Beach has been demolished after a state buyout of the neighborhood that was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. State officials say there will be many more in the coming weeks. NY1’s Aaron Dickens filed a report.

See the video here:

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Ocean Breeze Buyout Map


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Coastal Recovery Plan Emphasizes ‘Living Shorelines’

A part of a house that floated off its foundation when Superstorm Sandy hit sits in the middle of a coastal estuary in the Oakwood Beach area of Staten Island, New York, in November 2012. (Paul J. Richards/Getty Images)

By Jane Gray and Genevieve Belmaker, Epoch Times

A part of a house that floated off its foundation when Superstorm Sandy hit sits in the middle of a coastal estuary in the Oakwood Beach area of Staten Island, New York, in November 2012. (Paul J. Richards/Getty Images)


NEW YORK—Staten Islanders...Read More »

After Sandy, Staten Island Community Chooses State Buyout

As demolitions begin, Staten Islanders still grappling with reality of returning land to nature

By Epoch Times | January 20, 2014

Last Updated: January 21, 2014 4:29 pm

NEW YORK—Under...Read More »

In a Global Warming World: Protect and Rebuild or Retreat?

Where Joe Tirone’s house in Oakwood Beach on Staten Island, New York, used to stand.  Tirone’s house was sold to the state and demolished as part of a buyout plan that will turn his neighborhood into greenspace that the state hopes will serve as protection from future storms. (Joe Tirone)

Where Joe Tirone’s house in Oakwood Beach on Staten Island, New York, used to stand. Tirone’s house was sold to the state and demolished as part of a buyout plan that will turn his neighborhood into greenspace that...
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S.I. Homeowners Hope Buyout Committee Will Spur Action

NY1 VIDEO: A group of homeowners on Staten Island who submitted an application for state buyouts months ago but have yet to hear back have formed a committee in hopes of getting Governor Andrew Cuomo’s attention.  Watch the video at the link below.


...Read More »

State Expands Sandy Buyout Program to Graham Beach

The state is expanding its buyout program to a third Hurricane Sandy-affected neighborhood on Staten Island.

The state’s enhanced buyout area will now include Graham Beach on the island’s east shore.

Under the program, homeowners who had their properties wiped out or heavily damaged by Hurricane Sandy can receive the pre-storm value...Read More »